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Orange Family Genealogy - Lewis Orange Jr.
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8th Generation - Lewis -2  Orange  1720 - 1791


IIt is thought that Lewis-2 must have been born about 1720 and was still alive in 1791.

Peter Orange appears with Peter Depp on the 1744 list of inhabitants of King William Parish(3b). He is also listed in the Huguenot Immigration to Virginia records(3c).

On March 28, 1754 Peter Orange died in Amelia County Virginia and left 100 pounds to his wife Ann(4). The will was originally created before there was an Amelia County in 1734/1735. It is probably not the land that Lewis Orange gave him in Henrico County. Amelia County was not ever part of Henrico County, therefore Peter must have moved. Amelia County is adjacent to Cumberland County.

Lewis-2 Orange (spelled Oring) bought 400 acres of land on May 24, 1756 in the central part of Cumberland County (5) from Julius Allen, a Henrico County Patentee. Lewis owned 135 acres along Stamping Branch, a fork of Little Guinea Creek in Virginia that he gave to William. On this land was a family cemetery.

This land is thought to be different than that left by Lewis Orange to his son Lewis-2 Orange. Cumberland County was formed in 1749 from Goochland County - the part south of the James River. Goochland County was formed in 1728 from Henrico County. Since Lewis's will was executed in 1734 in Henrico County after the formation of Goochland County, the land can not be in Cumberland County

On January 26, 1759 William Orange was born to Lewis-2 Orange in Cumberland County.

John Orange owned land in Henrico County in August 6, 1762 near John Parsons's land which was on the west side of Beachen Run(6). Since John ended up with the Houses, he may have ended up with all of the land in Henrico County. Since Peter showed up in Amelia County and Lewis-2 in Cumberland County.

Lewis-2 Orange (spelled Oringe) shows as having a law suit brought against him in Cumberland County in May 24, 1762 and June 28, 1762, an Alias Capias was awarded(5). The law suit person was Thomas Yuille.

Lewis Orange and wife Rebbeckah Keziah (thought to be Lewis-2) sold land in Cumberland County Virginia to Thomas Moore for 26 pounds and five shillings on January 24, 1771(7). The total land sold was 105 acres of the 400 acres that Lewis bought in 1756. Another Indenture shows up on April 20, 1776 that says Lewis Orange sold 105 acres to Thomas Moore(8). This must be an additional record.

It is thought that Lewis-2 and his wife Keziah had three sons:

  • William
  • Joshua
  • Lewis-3

He may have had daughters also. This is based on the fact that he sold his land to John Farmer and Thomas Moore. The Farmer name shows additionally as a surety for William's marriage and also Edith Orange marries Burnell Farmer on Dec. 12, 1812 in Amelia County, Va. William is the direct descendent.

On March 26, 1792, Lewis-2 sold 135 acres that he was living on to his son William Orange(17). This was the land on Stamping Branch, a small fork of the Little Guinea creek. This was the last of the original 400 acres purchased in 1756. The question is what happened to the original land willed to him by the original Lewis Orange who died in 1734. A comparison of land needs to be made to confirm relationship of the original Lewis and Lewis-2 who bought land in 1756.


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